March 25, 2014

My Story

Many people share testimonies about how their lives have been forever changed by Christ. Mine happens to be in the form of a song. I've posted the track below with lyrics. To this day, I still can't sing or play it without getting all teary-eyed. God bless you all and thanks of letting me share My Story.

My Story
Words and Music By: Karisa Shaffer

I've given up, I've given in
Been up to no good, I've had my share of sin
I was wasted, almost lost it all
Made a few come backs and a few last calls

And here I am today
The sun is shining on me
I see things in a new way
I'm changing my story

I've had enough, I've done without
Crossed that line just to see what it was about
Started crawling, got down on my knees
Started calling for someone to come rescue me

And here you are today
Like a light shining on me
And I want you to stay
Keep changing my story

I kept to myself, always minded my own business…..
I didn't want no one else, I never thought it could be like this....

And here we are today
In the presence of your glory
I bow my head and pray
Cause you're the best part of my story