July 6, 2015

Singing for Elizabeth - Music Downloads

A few years back, I hosted an online music fundraiser in hopes to help raise some money for my dear friend, Elizabeth Chalker. (Elizabeth is suffering from Mold/Biotoxin illness, genetic deficiencies, and  late stage Lyme disease.) The event was a collection of artist that were "Singing for Elizabeth" in a live broadcast. We were able to bring some financial assistance her way, but it just wasn't enough.

To this day, Elizabeth is still in need of funds to help cover her medical treatments, basic daily living, and supportive help. So once again, I am "Singing for Elizabeth" in hopes to bring some much needed financial assistance to her.

I am donating 3 recordings of my original Christian songs for downloads in return for any financial contribution towards helping Elizabeth.

Singing for Elizabeth Chalker
Elizabeth's Personal Website

Want to help? Just follow the three steps listed below:

1. Please keep Elizabeth in your prayers. 

2. Click the contribute button with a finical gift to help Elizabeth. (Any amount of money is appreciated.)

3. Click the download music button to get the three songs. 

Contribute Now!

For contributions by check or money order, please send to: 

Elizabeth Chalker Special Needs Trust 
c/o DR. Corey Cameron
2620 N.E. 25th Street
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064

download music

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